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Simulation of a 3D virtual home environment

By Nasseh | 18/10/2018 | 0 Comment

This project is a contribution to the R&D mission lead by LGI2P laboratory of Mines Ales School of engineering. The goal is the development of DOMUS, a 3D home environment simulator equipped with a variety of virtual IOT devices.

At first, Domus used JavaFx1 and it was in 2D. it’s been 3 years now that the project is transformed into JavaFX8 and 3D. In 2017, the integration of the general framework of the application, views (interface), and controllers was set up since the MVC design pattern should be respected.
The goal in 2018 was to improve the view part, and to try to integrate the UPnP protocol, which gives a UPNP object the true meaning of DEVICE, an object that provides services to other connected objects in the same network.

Here are the improvements done :

– Radical change of the scene (more beautiful).
– Improve on a different level the design, the colors and the architecture.
– Improve 3D objects.
– Get inspired by the principle of TV to create beautiful animations on other objects.
– Animate Cubes that existed (washing machine – air conditioner).
– Create meaningful animations.
– Standardize animations in 4 types of main ones.
– Allow an object to perform 2 animations at a time (example: the air conditioner flashes and changes the color of the room)
– Create new objects (3 curtains – lamps).
– Improve the code to add new features.






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